Pikosmartdecoder 4.1  6 pin ,nem 652  verde Piko 46400

Pikosmartdecoder 4.1 6 pin ,nem 652 verde Piko 46400

Pikosmartdecoder 4.1  6 pin ,nem 652  verde Piko 46400
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This locomotive decoder is a small, high performance multiprotocol decoder. It can be used with DCC-, Selectrixand Motorola digital systems and also operates in analog mode with AC or DC currents. The individual mode of
operation is automatically recognized, but can also be set manually.
The decoder works on a frequency of 18,75 kHz and is therefore not only suitable for DC current but also for
bell-shaped armature motors (e. g. Faulhaber, Maxon, Escap) up to a continuous current consumption of 0.8 A.
Short-term higher motor currents up to 2 A are well tolerated.
The decoder is also RailCom® and RailCom Plus® capable and is in command of ABC braking as well as ABC Slow
Setting of the motor characteristics is done via minimum, medium and maximum speed (simple characteristic) or via
the extended characteristic with individual adjustments for 28 drive positions.
• Multiprotocol decoder with load control for DCC,
Motorola and Selectrix
• Suitable for DC current and bell-anchor motors up to
0.8 A.
• Quiet motor running by motor control with 18.75 kHz
• 14, 27, 28, 128 gears, depending upon data format.
• Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) addresses
• NMRA conformity
• RailCom® and RailCom Plus®
• Adjustable minimum, maximum and medium speeds.
• Extended driving gear characteristics are adjustable.
• Shunting gear (half-speed) adjustable.
• 3 settings for startup and brake delay, individually
adjustable via F0 - F28
• Headlight outputs in direction of travel dimmable.
• Brake delay and shunting operations.
• Brakes with DCC braking signal, braking track with DC
current or ABC-Brakes.
• ABC-Slow Moving Distance with LENZ BM2
• 2 settings for braking distance in cm, activated by ABC-,
DC- and DCC-brake signal, as well with driving speed 0
with adjustable speed level step.
• 2 motor control types for a precise motor control with
many control settings
• Motorola with 3 points for the functions F1 - F12 by
deploying the Motorola-Centers (e.g. 6021)
• Error memory for motor and function outputs as well as
temperature shutoff.
• Conventional DC operation with automatic switch-over
to the individual mode of operation.
• All CVs must be programmed with digital devices with
DCC formats and Motorola.
• In DCC-operation, programmable per register, CV
directly or page programming.
• Main track programming (DCC)
• Decode programming loc 

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