Carro ferry, ModelbahnunionHO g66010

Carro ferry,  ModelbahnunionHO g66010

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Modellbahn Union H0 gauge. Running number 2180 5729032-0, era IV


equipped with numerous additional detail parts, short coupling mechanism, NEM coupler pocket, standard couplers.
The Modellbahn Union H0 1/87 models show exceptional detail and printing with all parts factory fitted. The side doors can be opened. Necessary changes in lettering and details based on different countries and companies are also taken care of. The length over buffer is 14,3cm. Each running numbers comes in a limited run of 200 pieces.


In order to use freight wagons in traffic to Great Britain wagons were needed that corresponded to the smaller british loading gauge, and in addition where capable of working with the UK braking system.
The DB therefore acquired the new Gbtmks 66 (later Tcefs 845) in 1964. The wagons were built by company Gebr. Credé in Kassel. The wagons were usable for through ferry traffic and therefore avoided extensive re-loading at the ferry ports. The wagons had a length of 12,5m with a loading with of only 2,3m. Back in 1964 the wagons where already lettered corresponding to the rules of the upcoming Epoch IV.

The wagons proved to be successful in service and were used up into Epoch V. Because of the international service the wagons showed a prominent, multilingual lettering. Two wagons are on exhibit today in the Bochum Dahlhausen railway museum. 

$ 46.000,00

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